Namascoyote - Parallel Reality, IS OUT NOW!

Namascoyote - Parallel Reality, IS OUT NOW!

1. Quiero Tomar Cerveza 11:12

2. Adelita 08:56

3. Intense Fart In The Silence 08:51

4. Polytoxo 09:40

5. Coyote Ceremony 09:17

6. Vodka And Threesomes 08:52

7. The Power Of Legalization 15:11 Pancho, best known for his first Psycore project Der Böse Sandmann, brings us to Twenty-five Records the presentation of his first album in his foray into Darkpsy mixing a series of deep and high-acceleration passages, trans-dimensional bass effects and unconventional arrangements, which has led him to rapidly spread his surreal music throughout the globe. The physical release contain a booklet with BYMAT's art from Arte Lisérgico.


released August 10, 2020 ☆Parallel Reality LP ∙ Production: Namascoyote ∙ Analog mastering: Biomekanik at Biolab Studio ∙ Cover art: Namascoyote ∙ Artbook: BYMAT

get it @ bandcamp:

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